Color and Light

“Today, photography has become quite homogenized. 
It’s become a lot of pretty pictures or eye candy.” 
Art Brewer

cross processed slidefilm - Chile 2012

For me a photo is a moment frozen in time. After having used digital cameras for more than 12 years, I bought myself a 30 year old russian Lomo LC-A 35mm camera on ebay. Soon after I bought an even cheaper 70's Twin Reflex Lomo Lubitel that uses 120 film. I was hooked. I have been chasing "perfect" photos for the last few years with my DSLR. But what is a perfect photo? Does a "moment frozen in time" have to be super sharp and with as less noise as possible? I used to think so, but I changed my mind.
I love my little imperfect LC-A. It produces great "moments frozen in time" and the use of film gives you endless creative possibilities. I love to multiple expose film. I love taping half of the lens off and reload film in a different environment. I like to cross process slidefilm. I like the anticipation of waiting for the developed result. This blog is about moments of analog imperfection.

For me a great photo is all about color and light.

Enjoy this blog.

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